Since 1993

OOC Studios is a semi-private music production studio offering a multitude of services for musicians creating their original music. We can track, mix, overdub, and master live performances— either in our studios, in a staged environment or even your rehearsal space.

We are situated across three locations in northeast Ohio so that we can meet the dynamic demand of production needs.  A larger room where bands can be recorded live, a smaller room for over-dubbing and digital mixer services, and a mastering suite to finalize the production and output your recording in the format you need.

Each room is constructed with acoustic dynamics in mind for optimal sound recording. And each service uses digital mixer technologies with multi-effect processing tools to maximize the quality of the recording.

We also offer live stage show recording without interfering with the front of house setup.  We split the signal before it reaches FOH so that we can capture the raw audio of your performance and that way we can edit and mix freely to your liking.

If you are a band or musician interested in quality recording please feel free to contact us.  We charge by the hour and our rates are based on the services that you need.