About Us

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Our Approach

Our Approach

Our main drive is to capture your best performance -- we just don't press the record button and use digital tools to post process and enhance quality.  We want the best from you and use the digital tools as icing on the cake.

Our Story

Our Story

OOC Studios started because of a musical project that Mark and Stephen were working on.  The project led to the need to work with local musicians.  What better way to meet musicians than to start recording them!  The idea really formed when we ferried all our gear for a weekend away on Kelleys Island.  At a friend's cottage, we setup jam sessions that lasted the weekend. And that's when we found out the rabbit hole doesn't end.

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Mark is an avid musician with a serious interest in digital synthesis.  He is also a very skilled drummer and has a great ear for musical creativity. As partners with Stephen, he is the driving force behind Robotic Jellyfisch.

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Stephen continues to pursue mixing and mastering techniques with his partners.  As an active member of Robotic Jellyfisch, he has an active interest in digital synthesizers and percussion.  Because of his passion for music, he frequently attends live shows, and promotes the studio.

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Pete brings invaluable expertise and technique to OOC Studios with his lifetime of experience with live sound production and his career with Eighth Day Sound.